DeaDia’s story

The association Dea Dia was founded by three friends driven by an urge to create a society of collaboration and compassion, with full equality of all identities in peace and security.

The founders- Gordana Subotić, Ana Brtka and Eni Gajanova believe in a society where every person enjoys and protects the rights of making choices with a full certainty that they will not disappear the next day.

Our name

Name Dea Dia derives from the name of a goddess in ancient Roman religion, where she was a symbol of growth and prosperity.

For this reason, we chose the name Dea Dia to represent our ideas and principles- we dream about prosperous and productive society with educated and empowered individuals eager to learn and develop.

Our team

People’s ideas, motivation and compassion is what makes the core and the drive of the Dea Dia.

Dea Dia currently comprises over 50 people and the number is growing.


Dea Dia works towards innovation of education and school improvement. We see the education as a tool for democracy. Therefore, we are trying to provide equal access to educational opportunities for (rural) youth in order to achieve greater quality of their education which leads to greater equity in society.

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Human Security

Besides data collection on the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 in Serbia, we are also dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of The United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 ‘Women, Peace, Security’ and related legal mechanisms among local government officials, civil society organizations and the respective constituencies of these local actors.

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We believe that young people are important components in economic growth and initiators of social changes. Therefore, Dea Dia tries to educate and empower young people to start their own business and/or start-ups

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Peace Building

Our peace-building projects are aimed at raising awareness on causes and dynamics of conflicts apart from possibilities of maintaining and achieving lasting peace. We help our youth to undergo important social experiences and changes in attitude in order to encourage them to become future peace-builders.

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